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Program your PC to shutdown whenever you want

If you're away from your computer for a long time or have left it downloading lots of your precious data, there's always a concern that it can burn out or get illegally accessed while you are away.

Not so with Ez Off. This simple but powerful program eliminates any worries or concerns by allowing you customise exactly how and when your PC shuts down.

The number of options and shut down features is impressive but it includes everything from Auto Shut Down, Auto Reboot, Auto Lock PC, Auto Log OFF, Auto Suspend or Auto Hibernate PC.

Ez Off protects your PC even in Windows Safe Mode which is a first for software of this kind. If you're worried about someone starting your PC while you are away, it also has a handy "keep computer Shut OFF" or "Locked Automatically" mode which means that no one can access the PC for a time designated by you.

According to the developers, this is a unique feature, only found in Ez OFF and I have to say, I've never seen it in any other similar product.

In addition to all this, you can schedule separate shutdowns according to the time and day of the week and specify exactly when and how it does so.

With many more features and hundreds of variations in the way you can use this, this program will stop you worrying about being away from your PC once and for all.

Ez Off is the ultimate tool for those that need to Auto Shut Down, Auto Reboot, Auto Lock PC, Auto Log OFF, Auto Suspend or Auto Hibernate PC.

This powerful and customizable program protects your computer even in Windows Safe Mode (only IT Works Software starts automatically in Windows Safe Mode).


  • Auto shuts down your PC when you want
  • Highly customisable


  • May lock up your PC
  • Prone to occasional bugs

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Ez OFF 4.6.9 for PC

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  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    so far so good.
    I can lock my sons pc whenever I want and for how long I want and my son cant do anything about it because it:staMore

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